Magical evening walks around Munich

Magical evening walks around Munich

The pandemic year was and is exhausting with toddler and our full time jobs. On the other hand, it also gave us a lot: Because we worked so much in the home office and Juno was not in the daycare center for most of the time, we were able to get up later than usual. This enabled us to take longer walks in the evenings in the Munich area with a little more travel distance. Sometimes these became small hikes as well.

Our walks in the Munich area – background of this article

Stepping out of  the apartment after the home office helps me to leave everyday life behind and to relax. Nature and exercise do the rest. By taking a brisk and long walk I pay into my daily exercise account and supplement my cycling to the daycare center and the little morning yoga session.

We live in the south of Munich, not far from the freeway Munich-Salzburg. So we reach very quickly the most beautiful rural idyll, including wonderful mountain views. The city itself also offers a lot of nature. Therefore, we also explore new new places in the city area of  Munich or directly before the city limits, for example when we work longer hours or now that Juno can go to the day care center at the moment.

I am currently posting stories from our walks on my Instagram account almost every evening. I am very happy that there are people who “accompany” me every day. So far I got very nice feedback and was asked several times wheren exactly we go for our walks. In the peak phase of the pandemic I was reluctant to tag the places we visited, because we  looked for places with few people. Now things look a bit different and I am happy to now reveal the secret and share my favorite walks that I discovered during the year and to which we like to return.

Circular path around Sachsenkam in the Tölzer Land region

As a native of Munich, I have known the Tölzer Land for ages, but this year it has become my great love. In the spring, when we were at home a lot because of Covid and could not travel abroad, the nearby Tölzer Land region beckoned with wide, open, green spaces and hills and views of the still snow-capped mountains. The Tölzer Land is a charming gateway to the Alps. During this time I became almost addicted to this feeling of freedom. This spring there was also a lot of sunshine. I like the village Sachsenkam very much. In the middle of the village center, which consists of quaint farmhouses, you can find cows. And above the meadows is the picturesque Reutberg Monastery, which is only a stone’s throw away from peaceful Lake Kirchsee.

walk in Sachsenkam
Alpine views in Sachsenkam

On the circular walk (“Sachsenkamer Rundweg” in German) you can have a wonderful far view because of the many open spaces. The surroundings are balm for my soul, filling me with joy and a feeling of inner peace, especially in the golden evening light. The circular trail itself is too long for an evening walk. We walked it once completely on a weekend, which I highly recommend. You can find all the dates for the walk by clicking on this link, but it’s German only. The great thing is that you can start at different points and in the evening you can simply walk a part of it. Last but not least, we almost always meet friendly and good-humored people in Sachsenkam. I believe that this beautiful environment simply makes happy. Who knows, maybe one day we will move there. Juno is thrilled because there are so many tractors in the meadows. And to her delight, there are also cows there at every corner. The best place to park your car is the parking lot just before entering the village, on the street coming from Holzkirchen.

Around a picturesque organic farm near Holzkirchen

Admittedly, when I first saw the sign “Milk filling station” I was not very enthusiastic, because I am vegan and do not eat dairy products. But even if you do not want to buy milk, a walk around this idyllic organic farm is recommended. After all, the cows there have plenty of grazing land and are allowed out in winter. If you drive from the village of Großhartpenning towards Sachsenkam, you will pass through the tiny hamlet Kurzenberg shortly after leaving Großhartpenning. Soon after you will see a sign on the right side with the inscription “Milchtankstelle” (German for milk filling station). The road leads through a short stretch of forest, but it is best to park your car shortly after the intersection. Then you walk along the road, past fields and up a hill until you reach a crossroads where you turn off to Asberg. Now you pass the “milk filling Station” and you and your children can admire the cows and goats and follow the path to Großhartpenning. Here you are on a hill and can enjoy a wonderful alpine panorama over the green hills. The path itself is also attractive because it leads through a small oak alley. The way back is on the same path. The walk takes rather more than an hour. Just shorten it as you like if you have less time.
Quaint walk in Asberg
Tree-lined walkway in Asberg

Around Lake Egglburgersee near Ebersberg

You will find this walk in a completely different area, in Ebersberg, east of Munich. The short hike takes about an hour if you walk briskly and is a pleasure in both directions. I like it very much even in bad weather. There is something mystical about the surroundings, which I find difficult to put into words. I feel great when I have soaked up the beautiful nature inside of me and can snuggle up in a blanket by candlelight afterwards. Lake Egglburgersee offers pure nature and beautiful views. On the east side you will find a long avenue of oak trees (great for collecting acorns and leaves with Children). On the opposite lake shore there are meadows and on a small hill there is the beautiful St. Michael Chapel. On the west side you walk through a farm where you can buy organic potatoes. In between you pass a lot of reeds in the north, where the forest reaches the shore. On the south side of the lake you walk across a meadow with gentle hills.

Idyll at Lake Egglburgersee
Evening mood at Lake Egglburger See

The nature reserve around Lake Egglburgersee is ideal for bird watching or photographing. Recently we were allowed to observe a large number of geese here, which formed up for their migration. At the fields just before the restaurant “Wirtshaus zur Gass” there are parking possibilities. For the navigation system: Egglsee 3, 85560 Ebersberg.

Lake Seeham near Weyarn

Lake Seeham is a destination that we like to visit especially in rainy weather, as it is too busy in the sunshine due to Covid protection reasons. When it rains the lake looks mysterious. Before this year I didn’t know the lake at all and was amazed how big it is. If you stand on a hill above it, you can see it embedded in a picturesque alpine scenery. The section around the western side of the lake is best suited for a short walk. You can park your car at the parking lot in the village of Großseeham, or better still, take the beautiful avenue along the lake a little further west until you reach a small parking lot for mobile homes. From here you can, directly along the water, start a counterclockwise walk around the lake. A great nature reserve is waiting for you, ideal to slow down after a day of work. In the winter months you should also be able to watch migratory birds here.
Lake Seeham from above
Lake Seeham – Detour to the hill

Walk around Itzling (Erding)

The area of Erding in the northeast of Munich offers beautiful hiking and walking opportunities. Itzling seems like a hamlet. In fact, however, the idyllic little village is actually a district of Erding. We park the car near the small church. St. Vitus, a pretty, baroque and typical Bavarian village church from 1713, makes a great photo motif, especially in the soft evening light. Opposite the church there is access to trails through the open fields. If you keep more to the left, you will reach a nice horse farm. It reminds me of the brick farms in Nothern Germany.
In the fields near Itzling
Slowing around Itzling near Erding

Walk with mountain feeling: Taubenberg

It was only late this year that I discovered this fantastic walk. The Taubenberg mountain is comparatively small, but already belongs to the prealps. You don’t have to climb the Taubenberg from below if you have little time. There is a wonderful circular walk starting from the “Berggasthof Taubenberg” inn. For the navigation: Taubenberg 1, 83627 Warngau. You can find the exact route here (German only). Taubenberg mountain is important for Munich’s drinking water supply. The forest here seems particularly natural and wild. I found it impressive how much this little after-work walk in the Munich area offers in terms of beautiful mountain nature and dreamlike views.

You will find the pilgrimage church Nüchternbrunn very charming. You will pass the chapel on the circular route. Here it is worthwhile to take a short break on a bench. The historical lookout tower, which you reach a little later, is unfortunately currently closed due to Covid. Usually, you can get the key for a deposit at the mountain inn “Berggasthof Taubenberg”. At the walk you will have stunning views of the Alps. To experience a sunset at one of the spots with the particularly wide views is highly recommended. When the cow bells are ringing, I have found my peace of mind even after a hard day.

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charming evening strolls around Munich

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