The most beautiful farm cafés around Munich

The most beautiful farm cafés around Munich

In the first pandemic year, I discovered wonderful farm stores in the Munich area. This year, I found something else in the countryside that excited me: farm cafés. I especially like to combine a visit to the farm café with grocery shopping at the farm store. If a hike or walk nearby is possible afterwards, it’s a perfect day trip for me.

The charm of farm cafés

Imagine you are sitting on a green meadow. Around you, you see mountains and a little further away, a blue lake peeks out. Close to you, chickens and geese are running around. A little further away, cows are grazing in the pasture. While you enjoy a breakfast of homemade bread, homemade jam and fruits and vegetables that grew on the spot. Sounds good? Then read on.

Why you should visit a farm café

First, I would like to explain why such a visit is not only something for the senses, but also meaningful: With a visit to a farm café you can support regional producers. Most of the food on offer comes from their own cultivation or production. This also applies to the farm stores, most of which are affiliated with the café. Find out why you should shop in farm stores here.

If you have children: A visit to a farm café is fun for the whole family. Your children will be happy about the different animals and outdoor play areas and learn about food and its origins. A culinary stay at a farm café can be perfectly combined with a family hike or bike ride.

Please note that farm cafés are often only open on single days and in good weather. Check the website for current opening hours before your trip. I have linked the websites under the respective section.

Dream place: The organic Boarhof above Lake Tegernsee

How do we want to live? How do we want to feed ourselves? How can we live a good life? These questions have driven the tenant couple of the Boarhof. Under the motto “alte Wege neu gehen” (like English: breaking new ground on old paths), they have been running an organic farm according to the principles of permaculture since 2009.

The question of the good life is also a question that is important to me and this blog. Fresh seasonal and regional food in organic quality directly from the producers is for me now part of a good life. So I knew for a long time that there is an organic farm with farm store at the Tegernsee. I had always planned to go shopping there. But somehow it never happened.

When I finally planned a visit, I was pleased to see that at the Boarhof in Bad Wiessee-Holz there is a café, which is open three times a week. The small village of Holz is elevated above the northern Tegernsee. Around the farm there are wide green meadows. Bring your hiking boots, because the Boarhof is located directly on the magnificent Tegernsee Panorama Trail. This hiking trail is my general recommendation. Built in 1496, the Boarhof is one of the oldest farms in the Tegernsee Valley and is very picturesque. This is due, among other things, to the many animals. Our two-year-old daughter was especially happy about cute kittens .

We ordered the vegan breakfast and were delighted with wonderful spreads, homemade bread and jam, and homegrown vegetables. The breakfast looked good (hello Instagram!) and also tasted great.

I definitely recommend combining a visit to the farm café with grocery shopping in the farm store. The store is very quaint and really well equipped. I was particularly impressed by the large selection of vegetables, including crooked vegetables (real organic!). No good vegetables are thrown away here. That’s how it should be. I also liked that there were herbs and bread baked on the farm from the ancient grain emmer. Some of the vegetables and grains grown at Boarhof are ancient types.

In the pretty farm store the staff was very friendly. I had not said that I am a blogger and  research for an article. For non-vegans there are also animal foods from the farm offered . In addition to the café and the farm sale, you can be trained in permaculture at the Boarhof and become a self-supporter. The organic seeds for this can be bought in the farm store.

The offers of the Boarhof seem to be popular. In the farm store I observed how a whole week’s shopping was done and also the farm café was busy. But since there are quite a few tables, you can find a place on a sunny weekend day. The Boarhof is my favorite farm café. Everything is right for me here: the view, organic farming, vegan options….

The Wolfmühle – organic mill with idyllic garden

The Wolfmühle between Forstinning and Markt Schwaben is strictly speaking not a farm café. Nevertheless, I think it fits into this article. It is an idyllic rural café. High-quality food is produced there and animals are running around. Only organic and regional grain is processed in the Wolfmühle. Since the middle of the 17th century, miller’s craft has been practiced here. In addition to the milling, there is organic gastronomy. The garden café is idyllically situated by a stream and is ideal for families. In the garden, the little ones and the youngest find varied opportunities to play. Children are happy about the free-roaming geese and chickens. The older ones enjoy coffee and cake or warm meals and enjoy the beautiful garden, with many seating areas directly or close to the water.

Since we liked the Wolfmühle right away, we have already been there twice within a short time. The large garden is great for meeting friends, especially if you bring several children. The menu was well sorted and the dishes were marked in such a way that I, as a vegan, quickly found what I was looking for. I found the vegan chocolate cake and the coffee especially delicious. There is also a farm store and online store. The mill farm store is cozy with its wooden beams. Shopping here is an experience because you can watch the miller’s craft from the store.

Last but not least, the Wolfmühle is part of a an interesting mill trail in der Markt Schwabener Moos (moors). There you can discover beautiful nature and some more mills.

The Bumbaurhof: how I discovered farm cafés

In the summer of 2020, we went on a wonderful hike near Dachau. I was inspired to visit this region by an art house film we had seen a few years ago. Unfortunately, we do not remember the name of the film. This film was about two young women who left the rural region around Dachau for a road trip. Then, because of certain circumstances, they had to return and learned to appreciate their home. (If anyone knows the name of the movie, let me know in the comments!). Although it’s been a long time since I saw this movie, I remember a scene in wonderful scenery. In this scene, a VW Beetle is driving up and down the vast hills of this area. Indeed, the landscape of this region did not disappoint me.

I was all the more thrilled when, on our long hike around the village of Markt Indersdorf, we passed a pretty farm with the sign “farm café”. Juno, who was one year old at the time, was excited to see the animal enclosures and the café in the courtyard looked very inviting. However, during the peak of the pandemic, there was no Corona vaccination for us at that time and the café was busy, so we kept walking.

We visited the Bumbaurhof farm café in the early fall of 2021 and had a lovely stay. Chris spent some time with Juno on the playground. As is common with farm cafes, the Bumbaurhof is kid friendly, just because of all the animals. While the two of them played, I had a lively conversation with two women from the region who were sitting at the table with us. I learned, for example, that the Bumbaurhof is a popular excursion destination for the people of the town of Dachau and is especially famous for its cakes. Also, other snacks are offered. Unfortunately, the menu did not offer a vegan snack for me. However, the team got creative and whipped up something very tasty for me with a vegetable spread. I also found the Bumbaurhof very cozy inside. It is a former barn.

I especially liked the pretty, ivy-covered farm store. Here, the farm’s own products from the Bumbaurhof are sold, such as home-baked bread. There are also products from other regional suppliers among them. I treated myself to a pack of organic espresso.

Oberbuchberger’s on the magnificent Tegernsee High Trail

And once again, the research for this article led me to Lake Tegernsee. I first passed Oberbuchberger’s farm store during a winter walk on New Year’s Day 2021. At that time,  in the midst of the pandemic, we avoided cafés and I can’t even tell if the café was open. Anyway, I found it so charming there from the outside that I wanted to come back. On a beautiful late summer day, we made up for the visit:

First, we sat in the lovely garden, surrounded by pear trees. Although the café was quite busy, I found the atmosphere very relaxed. The farm store itself with the old cupboards  looked nostalgic and beautiful. As a vegan, I unfortunately found no great variety. However, I was glad to find the sorbet from Beindlhof, which I already knew and appreciated. I could not try the cakes, but they have a good reputation. While I was taking pictures for this article, Chris and Juno went to the playground behind the farm store. Juno couldn’t get away from it anymore

So, I set out alone with baby Avalon for a walk south on the Tegernseer Höhenweg (Tegernsee High Trail). The Tegernseer Höhenweg is part of the crossing of the Alps from Tegernsee to Sterzing. This section was steep and beautiful with its views of Lake Tegernsee. If you like it more moderate, you can also go in the other direction. Here the Höhenweg, which overlaps partially with the Tegernsee Panorama Trail, passes particularly quaint farmhouses.

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Farm cafés around Munich

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