About Hiddentraces

Discover hidden gems.
Be attentive and find beauty anywhere.

My name is Ricarda.

I am a writer and travel photographer for Hiddentraces – naturally, because my passion is travel and photography.

Ricarda Profilfoto_klein

My Travel Blog “Hidden Traces – Photographic Journeys” mainly deals with places that are not so well known or could be explored more in detail. Also local flavors play a greater role, which is why also food blogging has its share.

It’s the intention of Hiddentraces –  available in English and German – to make you want to travel and to live intensely in this way.

As the name suggests, photography is not just a passion of mine, but also a way to tell travel stories in an aesthetic and inspiring way.

My base is in Munich. From there I travel as often as I can, to Europe and other continents.  I have been to 63 countries so far. I believe that one can only truly know and understand a place if you’ve spent some time there. Therefore, I sometimes like travelling several times to places that I find interesting. But even in your own city, you can discover something new or more intensely. In general, I go with my husband Chris, who contributes to Hiddentraces as an author.

I am happy if my blog gives you inspiration and if you open up for new discoveries.

Because “To travel is to live, just as, conversely, life is traveling. (Jean Paul)

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