Picnic Spots around Munich

Picnic Spots around Munich

Follow us to wonderful picnic places in the Munich area! A picnic in the countryside is fun and helps you to wind down. Also, it is an ideal leisure activity during the pandemic. Especially if you combine it with a hike or a walk. In this article, we share our favorite picnic spots and give you ideas for beautiful (hiking) trails nearby.

How the article about picnic spots around Munich came about

The idea to write this article came up already last year. In 2020, due to the pandemic, we found beautiful after-work walks in the countryside and discovered wonderful places to picnic. We had made it our goal for the month of June 2020 to spend as many evenings as possible at a picnic in the green. We followed through with that. But by the time I had the idea to write about it here, the season was already over. It’s almost spring now and I’m really looking forward to long evenings with my family in nature again. Now it’s finally time to publish this article! And I also have a great desire to do so. Since the places are not very far from Munich, you can definitely spend your evening there, if the days are long enough. I can hardly wait to pack the cool backpack again…. Depending on the destination, we also bring a tablecloth (for picnic benches) or camping chairs. As I will be in late pregnancy with my second child this summer, I think a relaxing picnic in the countryside is an ideal evening activity this year as well. Preferably combined with a walk.

Picnicking and forest bathing: St. Anna Chapel near Sauerlach

At a forest picnic you can take in nature slowly and mindfully. This is exactly the philosophy behind the trendy term “forest bathing”. In fact, however, there is more behind it than a hollow lifestyle trend. The so-called “Shinrin Yoku” comes from Japan. There and elsewhere, scientific research has been conducted on the subject, and it appears that the forest unfolds special healing powers through terpenes, which are released primarily by coniferous trees. Not only does it reduce our stress levels, but it also creates killer cells that can even protect against cancer. For this medicinal effect, however, you have to spend two whole days a month in the forest.

In the extensive Deisenhofen forest between Oberhaching and Sauerlach, you can intensively enjoy the spicy scents of conifers. Nevertheless, I like to see natural deciduous forest growing back there. In the middle of the forest you can find the St. Anna Chapel from the 17th century, a mystical place with which legends and tales are associated. Once a year it is the destination of a little pilgrimage. The chapel is located in a charming clearing.

From the parking lot in the forest (see the map) it takes about a quarter of an hour to get there. This hiking parking lot can be reached quickly from the village of Sauerlach by driving along the beautiful “Avenue of the 40 Linden trees” (“Strauchartinger Weg” on the map) directly into the forest. On the meadow in front of the St. Anna Chapel you will find a wooden hut with a picnic shelter. From there you can wonderfully listen to the many birds and enjoy the intense scent of the forest. If you are serious about forest bathing, you can go hug trees afterwards. Our little daughter loves to caress the trees.

St. Anna Chapel near Sauerlach
Little jewel in the forest: St. Anna Chapel
Picnic opportunity at the St. Anna Chapel
Picnic spot at the St. Anna Chapel – Map details (c) 2021 GeoBasis-DE/BKG ((c)2009), Google

Ludwigshoehe – Let the view wander

The small hill behind the village Kleindingharting (municipality of Straßlach-Dingharting) is not far from the enchanting Deininger Weiher pond and about 20 km from Munich. At this spot, a magnificent alpine panorama unfolds before your eyes. The place is also highly recommended for the sunset. There are a few benches set up on the Ludwigshöhe, which are quite popular. Many cyclists pass by here to take a break. We find it nicer to stroll through the small but very pretty avenue and then settle down on the meadow for a picnic. How to find the spot is shown by the red marker on the map below. Nearby is also a small beautiful forest, whose steep path is suitable for a short walk. You can also hike from Deininger Weiher to Ludwigshoehe.

picnic spot at the Ludwigshöhe
Picnic spot at the Ludwigshoehe – Map details (c) 2021 GeoBasis-DE/BKG ((c)2009), Google

Lauser Weiher – Contemplation by the water

We discovered the pretty pond and the extremely charming surroundings for hiking last year. There is a picnic bench directly at the water. Surrounded by the tall conifers, you feel like you are in a private idyll. Especially with family I find this charming. Of course you can also swim here. A summer evening at this spot is highly recommended. To get to the picnic bench, it’s best to park on the road along the shore, behind the village of Unterlaus in the direction of Feldkirchen. If you also want to go for a hike, don’t miss the beautiful Kupferbach valley in the direction of Glonn!

Picnic opportunity at the Lauser Weiher
Picnic spot Lauser Weiher – Map details (c) 2021 GeoBasis-DE/BKG ((c)2009), Google

Sachsenkam – 3 beautiful picnic spots at once

The village of Sachsenkam as a destination is always a good idea. From the wide landscape around the village you have a great alpine view, mostly into the Karwendel mountain range. There are wide green meadows and in addition a great moorland with the dreamy Kirchsee, surrounded by the fabulous and steep Zeller forest, where we like to hike. These are our picnic tips:

Picnic bench on the way to Lake Kirchsee

In the beautiful Kirchseemoor moorland you can enjoy the evening under a lush tree. I recommend combining this with a walk to Kirchsee, which takes you deeper into the moorland. There are rare plants to admire here. By the way, the walk is very charming even in gloomy weather.

Picnic bench in the middle of beautiful nature
Picnicking in the middle of the meadow
Picnic spot near Lake Kirchsee
Picnic bench at the Kirchseemoor – Map details (c) 2021 GeoBasis-DE/BKG ((c)2009), Google

Picnic place near the model airfield in Sachsenkam

The picnic bench here is surrounded gentle green hills and there are pretty trees planted. An idyll in an idyll… I think you can see it in the photo. Also, here you can take endless and beautiful walks past green meadows. By the way, we have not noticed any model airplane during our two visits, but just enjoyed wonderful peace.

Picnic area in the meadows south of Sachsenkam
Picnic bench with wonderful tranquility
Picnic opportunity in Sachsenkam at the model airfield
Picnic bench in Sachsenkam at the model airfield – Map details (c) 2021 GeoBasis-DE/BKG ((c)2009), Google

Picknicking at the parking lot Sachsenkam

Can a parking lot be beautiful? You bet…when you have lush green meadows in front of you while admiring the Alps. From this point you can also start the beautiful Sachsenkamer Rundweg hike, from which you can enjoy magnificent views as far as the Karwendel mountain range. You can find more information about the hike, which I highly recommend, in my article.

Picnic at the parking lot in Sachsenkam
Quite idyllic for a parking lot
Picnic site at the parking lot near Sachsenkam
Picnic opportunity at the parking lot near Sachsenkam – Map details (c) 2021 GeoBasis-DE/BKG ((c)2009), Google

Picnic bench in Itzling near Erding

From my point of view, the district of Erding is underestimated by people from Munich. There is more to discover here than famous wheat beer or a large thermal spa. I find the surroundings of the village Itzling with its pretty baroque church especially beautiful. Not very far away is a picturesque picnic area with a shady tree surrounded by fields. In the  area around, it is nice to walk along the fields. I find the wide landscape very charming.
Perhaps you would like to combine your picnic with shopping in an idyllic outdoor farm store? The Naturland (organic seal)-certified organic farm “Billesbergerhof” is not far from Itzling and highly recommended. There you can find, among other things, regionally produced pasta in environmentally friendly packaging. Read my article about organic farm stores near Munich to find out more.

Picnic with child near Itzling
Picnic with our daughter Juno near Itzling
Picnic site in Itzling near Erding
Picnic spot in Itzling – Map details (c) 2021 GeoBasis-DE/BKG ((c)2009), Google

Extra tips further afield

Picnic in the Upper Isar Valley

As one of the last unspoiled river valleys in Germany, the Upper Isar Valley is a great destination for outdoor lovers. Between the villages Vorderriss and Wallgau, the Isar river is turquoise and there are rare species of animals here. Vorderriss, the southernmost district of the municipality of Lenggries, is very close to the Austrian border. Already the drive there over the beautiful Sylvensteinspeicher lake is a dream. We love to road trip and hike around the upper Isar, but this is also a great area for having a picnic. Our favorite thing to do is combine all and cool our feet off in the gorgeous Isar River.

To get to our favorite picnic spot, you drive from Vorderriss on the toll road towards Wallgau and park your car at the first parking lot. Unfortunatley, you have to be lucky to get a parking space. It’s best to start as early in the day as possible. Anyway, it is so beautiful that you will like to linger longer. The picnic area is right next to the bridge.

Walking exercises on the upper Isar
Walking exercises in the upper Isar valley
Picnic site in the upper Isar valley
Picnic spot in the upper Isar valley – Map details (c) 2021 GeoBasis-DE/BKG ((c)2009), Google

Picnic in the Bavarian Caribbean:
at Lake Walchensee

The Walchensee is of course not an insider tip, but there is a corner where it is relatively quiet. For this, you have to drive the toll road between the Walchensee and village of Jachenau. By the way, I recommend to do a round trip by car and combine it with the toll road between Vorderriss near the Sylvensteinspeicher lake and Wallgau (see above). If the weather conditions are right, turquoise water awaits you at Walchensee, which you can contemplatively gaze upon from the picnic bench. An evening at the Walchensee is definitely a highlight, because it is for a reason that it is often called the “Bavarian Caribbean”…

Relaxation at Lake Walchensee
On the Walchensee beach: a turquoise dream
Picnic site at Walchensee
Picnic spot at Walchensee – Map details (c) 2021 GeoBasis-DE/BKG ((c)2009), Google

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Fantastic picnic sites near Munich

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