Vegan Munich: My Highlights

Vegan Munich: My Highlights

Munich now has an interesting vegan food scene. Although the Bavarian capital is not one of the top vegan cities in the world, the selection is quite diverse and often very tasty. The vegan-friendly gastronomy in Munich also has a lot to offer for the eye.

Munich vegan in 2022

The last few years have been marked by lockdowns. While I hardly used gastronomic offers in 2020, I enjoyed them even more after my vaccination. I found that there are some interesting new vegan options in Munich. I’ve been eating vegan since 2017 and a tremendous amount has happened since then, even if there is still a lot of room to grow on the menus, especially of more traditional restaurants. After I dealt with the topic of vegan breakfasts at Lake Tegernsee, I now show the vegan highlights of the city where I was born and lived for 40 years. My list makes no claim to completeness. Spontaneously, I would think of a few more places, but I want to give you an up-to-date information. Therefore, I don’t list locations where my visit is already a longer time ago.

The addresses below are all restaurants and cafes that I have newly discovered for myself in recent months. Here are my personal highlights on the topic of vegan Munich:

Tips Munich vegan:
Lavish brunch at Emmis Giesing

Emmis, which is located in the Glockenbach neighborhood, opened an offshoot in Giesing some time ago. I had already had breakfast at Emmis in Glockenbach a few years ago. The breakfast had tasted great and I was happy to visit the branch in Giesing. Emmis Giesing has moved into the location of the former Café Schulz in Werinherstrasse, which also already had few vegan offerings. I suspect that Obergiesing is not an easy area for vegan offerings. I am all the more pleased that Emmis Giesing is popular. On a weekend, without a reservation, we were just lucky to get a table, but still felt very welcome as a family of four.

I tried the “Ultimate” breakfast with delicious Beyond Sausage and heavenly pancakes. You must try the pancakes at Emmmis. I always think eating out is great when the food tastes better than it does at home, and that’s definitely the case with the vegan pancakes. They are also available as a larger single serving. Apart from breakfast, the Beyond Cheese Burger in particular is highly recommended. So far, though, I really enjoyed everything at Emmis. Giesing also has the vegan cinnamon buns that Emmis Glockenbach is known for. Emmis Giesing also offers a delivery service. There is another branch in Augsburg.

Breakfast with vegan sausage and pancakes from Emmis Giesing
Breakfast “Ultimate” at Emmis Giesing

Munich breakfast at Siggis

The density of vegan options in the Glockenbach is impressive. Right next to Emmis is the new location of Siggis. I already knew this purely vegan restaurant at its previous location on Westenriederstrasse near Isartor. At the new Siggis, we spent an extended Sunday brunch with friends. I especially love that there is a Bavarian vegan breakfast on the menu here, the “Minga” breakfast, served with plant-based “Leberkas” (Bavarian meatloaf). Minga means Munich in Bavarian. Over the years, I had tried a lot of veganized food and we had plant-based white sausage (typical Bavarian food in the meat version) often on weekends. Vegan “Leberkas”, however, was new to me. Also highly recommended is the “Famous” breakfast, a sumptuous brunch mix with “sausages,” scrambled tofu, and tasty additions such as baba ganoush and fried oyster mushrooms. What I find very positive about Siggis is that the ingredients are organic and fair trade as much as possible.

Munich-style vegan brekfast at Siggis in Munich
Breakfast with Munich-style “Leberkas” at Siggis

Vegan cake at the Deli Kitchen

The biggest, and most importantly, best vegan cake selection I know of in Munich is in Obergiesing. Even in this part of town, the density of vegan options is starting to be fascinating. The Deli Kitchen is a cozy and friendly vegan-vegetarian café where you can have breakfast as well as lunch. Everything tastes fresh and delicious. The cake counter is impressive, as mentioned above. I am not used to having such a large selection of cakes as a vegan, so I had a hard time deciding. It is also very nice that there is vegan whipped cream, which is a real rarity. Rare in Munich is also real family friendliness, which I was also able to experience here: When I was once there  with my baby, I was kindly provided with a blanket.

Deli Kitchen in Obergiesing
Deli Kitchen in the Gietlstrasse

Delicious vegan cheese at Om Nom Nom

A stylish vegan deli that is also a small café has moved into a former butcher store. Om Nom Nom is currently my favorite vegan location in Munich. Here you can find amazing vegan cheese, which I have not yet found in any place in Munich in comparable quality. The cashew-based “cheese”, some of which comes from France, can be enjoyed on site as an “Om Nom Nom Brotzeit” (snack). There are also great vegan cheeses from the Netherlands. Shopping for vegan cheese here at the well-sorted cheese counter is just fun. You can find specialties like plant-based truffle cheese. At Om Nom Nom, the assortment changes every now and then, so it always stays varied. I can especially recommend you to buy vegan Parmesan here. At Om Nom Nom I found the atmosphere, although the store is very busy, yet always relaxed. Every time I got nice and competent advice.

Counter of Om Nom Nom in Munich-Sendling
Vegan cheese counter at Om Nom Nom

Great Sushi with Fish Substitutes at Chay Vegan Restaurant

For a long time I had wished for Asian restaurants in Munich where meat and fish dishes are veganized. In the beautiful district of Neuhausen, where there are endless things to discover, I found what I was looking for at Chay Vegan Restaurant. This is located in the Volkartstrasse. You can get vegan sushi in a few places in Munich. However, this is usually avocado or cucumber maki. In the Chay Vegan Restaurant there is vegan fish substitute and I was very happy to eat nigiri again after many years. The Chay Vegan Restaurant is a great improvement for Munich’s vegan restaurant scene. It also offers exciting Vietnamese vegan dishes. In addition to tofu and soy meat, you can also try vegan chicken there, for example.

Fish substitute from Chay Vegan Kitchen
Vegan take-away sushi from Chay Vegan Kitchen

L.A. Feeling at LAX Eatery

During our first parental leave in 2019, we spent a total of over a week in Los Angeles, where I really enjoyed the great vegan food scene. How nice to find a piece of the Californian healthy lifestyle also in Munich’s Maxvorstadt! The super-stylish LAX eatery with neon sign, vintage light bulbs, inspirational signs and lots of plants brings back wonderful memories of our time in L.A. The toasted bread with avocado and vegan scrambled egg is highly recommended. I’m strict with vegan scrambled eggs, as we make that quite well ourselves (here’s our recipe). Otherwise, vegans can choose between different breakfast bowls, e.g., Açai Bowl.

Plants at LAX eatery Munich
Beautiful interior design at LAX eatery
Interior design of the LAX eatery at the Munich Maxvorstadt
LAX eatery at Maxvorstadt

Soy: Vietnamese, everything vegan, everything great

I celebrated my 40th birthday at Soy in Maxvorstadt last November, and it was quite an excellent choice. Soy is an offshoot of a Vietnamese-vegan restaurant from Berlin. At Soy, you can enjoy deliciously exotic food in a stylish location. The super-modern design is kept dark, but still cozy due to wooden elements. I found the Asian Tapas No.14 really incredibly delicious: Vietnamese pancakes. Since I haven’t drunk alcohol for a few years, I was happy to find a great selection of homemade non-alcoholic fancy drinks. We felt very comfortable as a larger group with two small children at Soy.

Vegan dessert at Soy Munich
Dessert at the wonderful Soy

Vegan Munich at a Zero Waste Café

Vegan restaurants and cafes are now available in greater selection in Munich, but a vegan café dedicated to zero waste and the circular economy is still a novelty. I found this concept all the more interesting and we set off for lunch from Altperlach with Baby to the not so close Olympiadorf. I have an ambivalent relationship with the Olympic Village. On the one hand, I dislike all the concrete there. On the other hand, it’s almost an emotional place for me because I’ve known it since I was a child. I grew up in the vicinity. I also like the variety of stores there. You can find multicultural offerings, a health food store, and several cafes (not all of them appealing).

The Oh Circle expands this variety a little further: A stylish, minimalist café with vintage light bulbs awaits visitors here. That description applies to almost any hip café, but Oh Circle’s thoroughly eco-friendly concept is superior to  other cafés in that regard. From cloth napkins to vintage dishes, everything here has been thought out with sustainability in mind. A particularly nice discovery was a giveaway shelf where you can drop off things and take them with you, including food. There we also quickly found something for us and were happy, among other things, about a package of diapers. They are always needed in our household. The Café Oh Circle also has a small, very nice Zero Waste store. Last but not neast: The food ws very tasty.

Unpacked shopping at Oh Circle Munich
Small but nice zero waste store at Oh Circle
Stylish decor at Oh Circle Munich
Sustainable and stylish: Café Oh Circle

Good vegan options are now also available at the Tegernsee. For this you can check out my vegan breakfast guide for the Tegernsee Valley.

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