Vegan Breakfast at Lake Tegernsee

Vegan Breakfast at Lake Tegernsee

Unlike during the last parental leave, we didn’t fly away this time, but spend a lot of time in the Tegernsee Valley. I feel very connected to Tegernsee, because I’ve known the vacation and leisure paradise near Munich since I was a child and have been there frequently, partly for family reasons. We always enjoy trying out new restaurants and cafés there. The fact that we can have a vegan breakfast at Tegernsee, however, is a completely new development.

Update for the gastronomy at Lake Tegernsee

Even if I enjoy being in the Tegernsee Valley – I always felt that the gastronomy was rather conservative. In recent years, however, a lot has happened. Some people with fresh ideas have moved and are moving (back) to the Tegernsee Valley. This is evident not only, but especially in the gastronomy. Many of them are young, many have traveled the world and have imported experiences and ideas. In addition, a certain percentage of the swarm of daytrippers from Munich regularly ask for vegan food. Overall, it is no wonder that there are now several options to have a good quality vegan breakfast at the Tegernsee. In the article you will find the addresses and opening hours of each of the options I tested. The stated opening hours correspond to the time of publication of this article and can of course change at any time.

Mangfallblau: Vegan breakfast in the factory

A restaurant in industrial design already has a special atmosphere, having breakfast in a still active factory is yet another thing. At Mangfallblau, a large roll of paper on a coffee table reminds you of the place you’re in: a paper mill, and a world-class one.

The industrial feel at Mangfallblau impressed me. It starts as soon as you enter the restaurant. The old front door really looks like a factory. Suddenly, you feel like you’re entering a restaurant in a cosmopolitan city and not in the Bavarian countryside. Inside, right next to the entrance in an imposing glass box, there is a White Lab that explains the paper-making process. But not only the design of the restaurant, but also the food and drinks are first class.

The Mangfallblau is a vegetarian restaurant with a fixed vegan offer. The daily specials are sometimes vegetarian, sometimes vegan. You can have breakfast or lunch here. The evenings are reserved for events. Team events, birthdays, weddings – it’s all possible in this beautiful location. There is also a yoga brunch on a regular basis. We have been there once for breakfast and once for lunch. The cuisine at Mangfallblau is of a high standard, creative and refined. I liked that regional and seasonal ingredients are used in many dishes. This means that Mangfallblau is not only up to date in terms of style.

You can have a vegan breakfast at Mangfallblau in various bowls, one of them with regional superfoods. I definitely like the idea of combining healthy and sustainable food. There are two types of toasted bread, for example with scrambled tofu, various waffles or muesli in a jar with soy yogurt. If you like it sweet, the delicious banana bread is the right choice. The Mangfallblau also serves water from its own spring, because according to its name, the Mangfallblau and factory are located directly on the river Mangfall. The area around the Mangfall is important for Munich’s drinking water supply. The coffee also tasted very good. Here, too, the Mangfallblau seems rather urban; there is also Flat White, for example.

The factory store “Papierwelt Gmund” is also worth a visit. Here you can admire old paper machines and buy very stylish greeting cards, for example.

Mangfallblau Fabrikrestaurant
Mangfallstraße 5
83703 Gmund am Tegernsee
from 09:00 am, closed on Sundays

Restaurant Mangfallblau in the Gmund paper factory

stylish design at Mangfallblau restaurant

Sustainable and vegan breakfast at Mangfallblau

Glass meeting room at Mangfallblau restaurant

Industrial design at Restaurant Mangfallblau

Vegan breakfast at Schusters

The spa town of Bad Wiessee, with its rehabilitation clinics and down-to-earth gastronomy, is not exactly known for its young, hip scene. So it’s all the more surprising that there’s a café here that can compete with the trendy neighborhoods of some world cities with its breakfast menu. Here vegans can find a breakfast bowl with açai, porridge or waffles. There is also good coffee and a rich selection of tea. The smoothies are excellent, too. In the warm season, people like to sit outside and enjoy the morning sun – for example, on one of the large wooden benches, which are also suitable for larger groups.

But a visit is also a pleasure indoors, where a creatively and contemporarily designed café awaits its visitors. Schusters is a place that inspires me both culinary and visually. The crowd here is mixed. Of course, with its modern offerings, Schusters tends to attract younger people, but you can also see retirees there. Overall, I have the impression that you mainly meet local residents. Schusters, which has already opened a few years ago, is a real gem at the Tegernsee.

Schusters Milch- & Kaffeebar
Münchner Straße 35
83707 Bad Wiessee
Thursday to Sunday from 08:00 am

Acai bowl at Schusters in Bad Wiessee

Boarhof: Breakfast at the organic farm

I visited the Boarhof to research and photograph for my article about farm cafes around Munich. It sounds like work, but in fact breakfast at the organic farm in the picturesque mountain village of Bad Wiessee-Holz was absolutely delightful. This was due to various factors. Firstly, there was a fantastic view and idyllic setting with many animals. Secondly, the breakfast was of outstanding quality. Our vegan breakfast consisted of various spreads, bread baked on the farm and vegetables grown on site. I also took advantage of our visit and shopped in the very quaint farm store, which offers a wide selection of food as well as small gifts. Afterwards, we took a walk on the Tegernsee Panorama Trail, enjoyed even more beautiful views and and admired old farmhouses and a picturesquely painted chapel – a perfect morning.

BrotZEIT & Leben – Hofladen am Boarhof
Max-Obermayr-Weg 6
83707 Bad Wiessee
Friday and Saturday from 09:00 am

Vegan breakfast platter in Holz near Tegernsee

Grocery shopping at Boarhof farm store

Aran: vegan breakfast with premium lake view

For me, Aran is like a premium spot by the lake. Here, you can enjoy beautiful views of Lake Tegernsee as well as enjoy the café’s aesthetic architecture. On the veranda, tastefully designed with white mullioned windows and tables of the same color, you get both. But you can also sit outside, in a small garden under olive trees and lime trees. The beautiful building (so-called castle café building) in which the Aran is located is over 100 years old.

Although the culinary offerings and design are completely contemporary, the chain, headquartered in Rosenheim, has been around since the late 1990s. There are other locations in Munich, Landshut and Sindelfingen.

The focus of the culinary offering is the tasty wood-fired bread, which can be ordered with a variety of spreads, including several vegan ones. So for breakfast we put together a vegan plate with delicious spreads like guacamole and hummus. This was served with some vegetables and cilantro and everything looked great. The visual impression did not disappoint me, everything was high quality. Aran also serves vegan cakes from their in-house pastry shop. To drink, you get coffee from the roaster Supremo from portafilter machines. Supremo, a regional supplier from Unterhaching near Munich, is considered one of the best coffee roasters in Germany. In addition to quality, fairness is an important principle of Supremo. The coffee is sourced directly from small farmers. In addition, Aran offers various high-quality teas, but of course also cold drinks.

On sunny weekend days, it gets pretty crowded at Aran, but since there are really a lot of seats, you still have a good chance of finding one. However, you need some patience in the queue at the counter. After breakfast, a walk along the Schlosspromenade riverside path is highly recommended. There you can have very beautiful views over Lake Tegernsee in both directions. To the south you enter the castle park and to the north you reach a pretty footbridge. If you still have an appetite and the weather and season are suitable, I recommend a detour to the stylishly white furnished Tegernseer icecream manufacture at Hauptstraße 29 in the northern direction. This pretty little café offers excellent vegan varieties with pure recipes, because they avoid artificial ingredients.

Seestraße 8
83684 Tegernsee
from 09:00 am, closed on Tuesdays

Plant-based breakfast at Aran by the Tegernsee

Mangnificent lake view at Aran Tegernsee

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  1. Ah wow there are quite some options! I spent last summer near Tegernsee but I have only been to Schuster. It was delicious, I love their terrace 🙂

    1. Ricarda Christina Hollweg

      Many thanks for your comment, Lisi. Yes, the variety has become great recently.
      It’s amazing that you know Schuster’s! For people from Munich this is still an insider tip.
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