The most beautiful organic stores in Munich

The most beautiful organic stores in Munich

I’ve loved organic stores since I was a kid. When my mother sent me shopping as a teenager, I negotiated hard with her until I was allowed to cycle to the organic store. In the early 90s, there wasn’t much of a selection of organic stores in Munich. Our next health food store was the original “Vollcorner” in Neuhausen, a kind of alternative corner store that, in keeping with its name, was actually located in a corner house. From here I liked to bring muesli and peanut butter. My grandfather ran an organic guesthouse in the countryside in the 80s and 90s. I was allowed to join the organic grocery shopping for the guesthouse kitchen. So I knew some of the foods in that sector. Today, Vollcorner is one of the largest organic supermarket chains in Munich and has long since moved out of the small store in the corner house. The good news: the beautiful organic stores in Munich still exist. These are often, but not necessarily small. In my article I present you my favorite stores.

How I started looking for the most beautiful organic stores in Munich

When I was still unvaccinated during the pandemic, I felt more comfortable ordering groceries online instead of shopping locally because my health really matters to me. Even though I appreciated the possibility to order online, I often compromised in terms of food choices. The purchases often didn’t meet my standards for organic quality and as little plastic as possible. After I was vaccinated and started going to stores again, I enjoyed finally being able again to buy the products I really wanted. I noticed how pretty our nearest health food store actually was and had fun discovering other stores as well. Every time I spotted a new beautiful store, the desire to make more discoveries like this grew. After my visits to different organic stores in the city, I created Instagram stories and got positive feedback from Munich followers. So I started a small project to find the most beautiful health food stores in Munich and share them with my blog readers.

Organic stores in Munich: Status Quo

I can still remember the first organic stores in Munich in the 80s. A lot has changed since then: there is now a wide selection in the city. The larger chains dominate, but you can still find small, independent and owner-operated stores, some of which have been around for more than 20 years. Fortunately, many organic stores in Munich have a regional focus. In addition to the specialized stores there are organic stands at Viktualienmarkt, weekly farmers markets and a large selection in organic farm stores in the Munich area. This results in an exciting range of organic products with a variety of shopping experiences. Below, I present a few organic stores, where I find the aesthetics particularly appealing:

Schwabinger Hofladen: Urban farm store in perfection

I lived in Schwabing near Hohenzollernplatz for 16 years. Very close to where I had my apartment, the Schwabinger Hofladen opened this year. When you hear the word “farm store”, you might think of a rural idyll with mooing cows or bleating sheep. But when you enter the Schwabinger Hofladen, you have a very urban shopping experience, but in a positive sense. You certainly don’t have the stress of a crowded supermarket here. You shop in peace and enjoy the stylish interior design, which is on the cutting edge. At first glance, the Schwabinger Hofladen appears smaller than it is. In the basement and on a chic glass gallery you can find other departments with high-quality organic food and drinks. In the large vegetable department, you can shop plastic-free. I especially liked the individual and friendly advice in the store. Our three-year-old daughter Juno also received a warm welcome. It was a highlight for her that she was allowed to watch coffee grinding. What a pity that this beautiful store did not yet exist in my Schwabing years.

Wood design in the Schwabinger Hofladen

Fruit and veggie department at Schwabinger Hofladen

Contemporary interior at Schwabinger Hofladen

Shopping with the family at the Schwabinger Hofladen

Shopping in the Schwabinger Hofladen

Mohrhof: in village-like Altperlach

I have known this store for more than 20 years. My mother sometimes took me here for lunch when I was still a schoolgirl. Back then, the store was called “Grüner Markt” (Green Market). I rediscovered the store in 2016 when we moved to Altperlach. Now the Mohrhof is “my own” organic food store around the corner. The store is the size of a smaller supermarket and we get almost everything we need there.

The Mohrhof organic store is located in a former farmhouse. I particularly appreciate this, because I love old farms. In Altperlach, many historic houses have signs where you can trace the history of the buildings.

I also like here that part of the store is under vaults. Here you can also find a lunch buffet or enjoy café from a nice espresso machine. We likte to buy bread at the counter under the vaulted arches, often from the bakery “Fritz Mühlenbäckerei”, which is regularly in the assortment. What’s great about Mohrhof is the regional focus. Here you can find interesting food from the region, even beyond the standard potatoes and co. For example, I discovered Bavarian ginger or Munich quinoa there. Buying quinoa grown from your region is more responsible than consuming the plant from South America, for environmental and ethical reasons.

I find it so charming that the Mohrhof has its own outdoor courtyard café. This is a real attractive extra.

Mohrhof Bioladen Perlach in summer

Garden of Mohrhof Bioladen Perlach

Salesroom of Mohrhof Bioladen Perlach

Mohrhof Bioladen Perlach in a former farmhouse

Herbstlaub vor Mohrhof Bioladen Perlach

Shopping experience in the “farm store” of the Wolfmühle

I first got to know the organic mill Wolfmühle as a garden café in the summer. Since the farm store was closed during our café visits, we made another trip to Forstinning during the week. The trip was worthwhile. At Wolfmühle, you can shop while watching the miller’s craft. As expected, there was a wide selection of flours in the organic mill store. I was pleased to find one made from whole-grain emmer flour, the flour of a particularly healthy grain. But the Wolfmühle farm store doesn’t just offer flour. Here you can find a picturesque, well-stocked little organic store, where you can even buy some natural cosmetics. We were delighted about the friendliness of this family business, especially towards our little daughter. So we were offered to collect chestnuts in the garden with the little one. Also, when she wanted a pretzel, but it was out of stock, they tried to find a nice alternative for her.

Sales room in the Wolfmühle

Grocery shopping at the Wolfmühle

Hollerbusch Naturkost: Corner shop feeling in Sendling

You can’t help but feel at home in this small, friendly organic food store on Daiserstraße. Edison light bulbs hang from the wall here, just like in the hip restaurant scene. You order your bread at a quaint wooden counter. The mix of vintage charm and contemporary design is inspiring. Although Hollerbusch Naturkost feels modern in a way with its zero waste filling station and yoga classes held in the store, it is actually one of the oldest organic stores in Munich. It was taken over by a new owner a few years ago. In the rather small Hollerbusch Naturkost store, you will find a considerable assortment of organic foods. You can easily do your weekly shopping there. If you still have some time, I recommend a walk in the neighborhood, because there are some hidden gems to discover, e.g. interesting delis and cafés.

Sales room at Hollerbusch Naturkost

Plastic free shopping at Holllerbusch Naturkost

Hipster design at Hollerbusch Naturkost

Hollerbusch Naturkost after sunset

Stemmerhof: Slow City in the former farmhouse

The reason I’m including the Stemmerhof organic store here, although very well-stocked and pleasant, is not so much the ambiance of the store itself, but rather its location in a former farmhouse in Sendling. The organic store is housed in the former barn. Today the Stemmerhof is partly a kind of farmer’s market, a hotspot for regional food. Incredible that in my late childhood, until 1992, there were still 46 cows here!  In addition to gastronomy and stores, there is a lively cultural scene, for example in the own theater of the property. For me, the Stemmerhof is an idyllic oasis in the hectic big city. It perfectly represents the successful fusion of urban and rural, deceleration in the city  and is therefore a real model for the future.

Fruit stand at Stemmerhof

Former farmhouse in Munich Sendling

Autumn foliage at Stemmerhof

Restaurant and store at Stemmerhof

Theater at Stemmerhof

Regional food store at Stemmerhof

Basic in Trudering: Superlative Supermarket

Actually, this article is more about smaller stores, simply because I often find them more appealing and the shopping experience more relaxed. However, there is one exception. I love going to Basic in Trudering. Whether it’s vegan dumpling sauce or certain organic Asian noodles, I’m very likely to get it here. But why I like this organic supermarket is also because of the great, modern design. When we traveled around the US (3 months in total), we shopped a lot at the huge Whole Foods stores. Unfortunately, we don’t have them in Germany, but Basic in Trudering is the most similar to Whole Foods I’ve seen in Germany so far. This is due to its size and futuristic-stylish ambiance, If you avoid Friday evenings and Saturdays, it’s also rather relaxed here. There’s also a stylish little café that’s kid-friendly.

Interior at Basic Trudering

Fresh food at Basic Trudering

Modern design at Basic in Trudering

Plastc free shopping at Basic in Trudering

Gastronomy at Basic in Trudering

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