Deeper Munich: Discoveries in Schleissheim

Deeper Munich: Discoveries in Schleissheim

The Schleissheim Palace (Schloss Schleissheim) is often overlooked by tourists and Munich residents alike. This is a pity, because the value of works of art and aesthetic enjoyment here can not be judged highly enough. I am the same ingnorant. Although I’m from Munich and I’m continuously discovering my city deeper, I visited Schleissheim last in my childhood. Probably just because I grew up nearby. All the more I was delighted to have the opportunity be one of the few participants  of the Tweetwalk under the motto “Lustwandeln” (like cheerfully strolling in English).

What is a Tweetwalk and can you combine it with “Lustwandeln”?

Most people don’t know what a Tweetwalk is. When I talked about it, someone understood “Tweedwalk” and imagined me strolling in a tweed costume through a castle with a group being nostalgic about aristocracy. The opposite was the case.I came with a rainproof outdoor jacket and was pretty busy. Neither elitist clothing nor slow movement.

Although I have been active in social media for years and can happily count over 6,000 Twitter followers, I have never been to such an event. It’s about joining the walk and the twitter thread using the hashtag #Lustwandeln and making the castle more known to the public.

Multitasking is not only tiring, but also inefficient. Therefore, I have focused on specific activities from the beginning. On the one hand on Twitter contributions, because this was finally the motto of the event and on the other hand on my great passion photography. But what makes a Tweetwalk special is the fact that bloggers with quite different focus attend it. In this context I  recommend you a great Audio Blog Post, which offers a completely different approach. The local TV (Bayerischer Rundfunk) and newspaper (Süddeutsche Zeitung) were also there.

Although it was cold, I was able to enjoy the many aesthetic impressions I’m pleased to share with you now.

The Castle

Even the cycling trip to Schloss Schleissheim was pure pleasure. The large park is situated in a picturesque landscape. I passed the idyllic village of Hochmutting, which I had never heard of before. There are long roads with old trees, large historical farms and even sheep herds. Therefore, I strongly recommend going by bike.

The castle, which is inspired by Versailles and which was planned by Elector Max-Emanuel as a future imperial residence, is very impressive. The Elector has spent so much money on it that he died severely indebted. Tragically enough, not as an emperor as he had imagined.

The stairs and the picture gallery are can find works of all important Baroque painting Styles. The dimension of cultural heritage that can be seen here is really immense.

Paintings at Schloss Schleißheim

Stairs in the Castle

The Secret Castle

As part of the special tour, the group was given the opportunity to visit secret corners of the castle. We had the chance to visit the attic, where the servants once lived. Er also climbed the roof. This all made my explorer’s heart beat faster and offered my camera some interesting perspectives.

Rooftop Schloss Schleißheim

The Garden

Special about this beautiful castle garden is that it is still preserved as a baroque parterre. This is rare in Germany. Even the garden of the Nymphenburg Castle in Munich is not original. I wished the weather would be better with regard to my photography. But I use to say: The places that look beautiful even in clouds and rain are the best. The Schlosspark in Schleissheim is definitely one of them.

Canal Schleissheim Park

The Secret Garden

For Hiddentraces this is of course an interesting topic. So far, I did not know that Schleissheim is connected with Slow Food. There is another garden seen from the left side, where fruit is grown. The garden with the orchard in an oasis of peace offering beautiful photography opportunities. Here, “Lustwandeln” is a great pleasure.

Apples of the Schleissheim Castle

In addition, the castle has its own distillery. The liquor bottles look very nice and can be used as souvenirs or gifts.

Liquor from Schleissheim

Previously, there was even a Schleißheim castle brewery. What a pity it was closed down by the beginning of the 20th century.

It is always fascinating how many exiting trips you can take in your own city and its surroundings. I am grateful for the great inspiration to discover and communicate hidden gems which were new to me.

Many thanks to Tanja Praske from the blog Kultur Museum Talk, who organized this great event. She did with outstanding success: On Twitter, the Hashtag #Lustwandeln had already been a trending topic, before the Tweetwalk started at all.

7 thoughts on “Deeper Munich: Discoveries in Schleissheim

  1. I love all the castles in Bavaria, my favourite one being in Lindau 😀 This one is amazing too – I especially love garden very much!

    1. Ricarda Christina Hollweg

      Dear Magda, Thanks for commenting. I was born in Munich and still live there, but didn’t hear about a castle in Lindau. This is really interesting, will do some research about it. 🙂

  2. Visiting Munich this summer for a few days and I’m so excited! Thanks for sharing this information and beautiful photos.

    1. Ricarda Christina Hollweg

      This is fantastic, Kyntra. Thanks very much for commenting and have a great time in my city!

  3. ***Raises hand***
    I didn’t know what a tweetwalk was until now 😀 But great blog and the place looks truly magical!

    1. Ricarda Christina Hollweg

      Thank you so much, Sheena. I really liked the expereince of tweetwalking. It’s a great place to visit.

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