Cadolzburg – Jewel in Franconia / Germany

Cadolzburg – Jewel in Franconia / Germany

The Bavarian Palace Administration and Kultur Museum Talk  invited us to a social walk at the Cadolzburg Castle, called #hohenzollernwalk (named after one of the most important dynasties of German high nobility). Chris, our soft puppy “The Lovely Dog” and me were very delighted to discover a new place, which turned out to be a hidden treasure.

“German Architecture” without stress

Franconia is an internationally known travel destination. No region is associated more with the cliche of “German Architecture” than Fraconia. It’s rich of half-timbered houses and medieval buildings. I definitely think that the famous fairytale town Rothenburg ob der Tauber should be on every traveller’s list. Nevertheless I was happy to find a place with many half-timbered houses and medieval architecture which is also peaceful. In my opinion “German Architecture” and “German Gemütlichkeit” do belong together and should both be experienced when travelling Germany.

Half-timbered houses around the Cadolzburg Castle
Half-timbered houses around the Cadolzburg Castle

Idyllic Setting

I love idyllic surroundings. I persistently search for them, preferably on roads less traveled, because that´s my focus on Hiddentraces and Instagram. Cadolzburg is such a place. I was impressed by the many beautiful half-timbered houses surrounding the castle. I also loved sitting in front of such a gem, holding an icecream in my right hand and looking at the many flowers it was framed by. I enjoyed this together with my blogging colleagues of Brotwein, Unterwegsinsachenkunst and Blog in Orange before the event got started. When you enter the castle area, you first pass a stone gate in front of appealing half-timbered buildings. Right in in front of the castle itself, there lies a wonderful garden containing back breedings of medieval vegetable varieties. It makes the view on the castle even more attractive.

Idyllic details around the Cadolzburg Castle
Idyllic details around the Cadolzburg Castle

Architectural pleasures in the Cadolzburg Castle

The castle looks very romantic from the outtside. The moment you see it you want to explore it deeper.

During our walk through the castle I found the “Erkersaal” (English = vaulted hall) very appealing. However it’s a reconstruction, yet close to the original. The hall used to be the most representative room in the castle. No surprise, because this is also how it looks like today. The hall will be used as an event location soon. Sounds like a great idea to me. It provides a special atmosphere for the upcoming events.

I managed to capture the beautiful vaults in a quiet moment.

"Erkersaal" Hall in the Cadolzburg castle
“Erkersaal” Hall in the castle

Museum in the year 2017

The Cadolzburg gave me an idea about a modern museum. The most important thing is the experience covering all senses. We were impressed that this even includes the sense of smell. For this, the museum provides artificial smells at various places, for example at the former fire place. Apart from that, the museum is working with digital media as well as with films and projections. You can also use virtual reality glasses and an augmented reality app with the medieval looks of the castle´s buildings. As I work in the fields of digital learning in my main job, I of course found this interesting. It is fascinating how multifaceted and rich in variety a a museum visit can be nowadays.

Moreover visitors can dress with parts of knight’s armors. Our friend Sascha from Blog in Orange obviously enjoyed it:

Sascha Walk mit Rüstung in der Cadolzburg
Sascha from “Blog in Orange” enjoying the museum © Sascha Walk,

Wonderful Bread

To crown the #hohenzollernwalk event, we were invited to have some snacks inspired by the Middle Ages. I especially loved the bread. Crusty bread from Franconia generally has a good reputation in Germany. The bread which we tried, was refined with special spices according to the tradition of mediavel times, for example caraway, anise and coriander. This was not only very tasty, but also made a nice photo scene.

Bread following a medieval recipe at the #hohenzollernwalk
Bread following a medieval recipe

Many thanks to the Bavarian Palace Administration and the Kultur Museum Talk for the invitation and the fantastic event.

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  1. I am sure you had a great time! How did you find the museum – looks interesting!.. And the bread – yeah, it definitely it made a great photo scene .. 🙂

    1. Ricarda Christina Hollweg

      Thanks very much, Aarti. The visit to the great museum was part of an event for instagrammers and social media people. 😊

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