Deeper Munich: Secret Beergardens (Part 2)

Deeper Munich: Secret Beergardens (Part 2)

Bavarian beergarden food
Bavarian beergarden food

The first part of our portrait of smaller unknown beergardens in Munich was read by lots of people. This made us very happy. As we love the research, here is part 2 with additional tips. Have fun exploring!

Beergarden tradition
Bavarian beergarden tradition

Beergarden 1.: Rosengarten

It’s nice if a beergarden is so idyllic that geese come to visit you, while you’re sitting at the table. Combined with the view of a pretty lake and roses.

Geese Westpark Munich
Geese Westpark Munich

We are in the Westpark in Munich. At noon, it’s  peaceful here. The potato salad and pretzels taste fantastic. Many visitors have spread their large checkered tablecloths. Here the tradition of self-catering has remained (see Part 1 Secret Beergardens). It’s also advisable to explore the park. Here you will find beautiful things like Asian themed gardens or a historic Bavarian wooden house.


Maypole Rosengarten Beergarden Munich
Maypole at Rosengarten

2. Hopfengarten

I trusted in Google Maps when I was looking for hidden beergardens in Munich. I was pleased to see that there is still another small beergarden in the Westpark in an inconspicuous corner. Only at my second attempt I finally managed to find the Hopfengarten. It’s a  nice place, very relaxed in the evening, not noisy and easy going. The “Obazda” (Bavarian cheese which is very common in beergardens) tasted good and the pretzels were fresh and crispy. The fact that they also offer vegan food, made me truly happy. In addition, the staff was very friendly. Unfortunately, the chestnut trees in the Westpark are not that high as they are still relatively young. The green area was built only in 1983 for an international garden exposition.

Hopfengarten beergarden Munich
Hopfengarten Beergarden
Bayerwaldhaus Westpark Munich
Historical wooden chalet

3. Olympiaalm

Olympiaalm means something like Alpine Pasture in the Olympic Park. I like the idea of a pasture right in the city. Even before you climb the not so small hill to the Olympiaalm you get the feeling of hiking just by the signposting.

Signposting Olympiaalm Munich
Signposting for the Olympiaalm

Once I had arrived up there, there were also some other things which reminded me of the Alps.

Elevation data Olympiaalm Munich
Elevation data of the Olympiaalm

Many visitors just get a drink at Munich’s highest beer garden and then lie down on the large meadow on the plateau of the Olympic Mountain. The views are stunning Although there are no cows there – but hey, so much idyll in a city – you really cannot complain.

4. Wirtshaus am Hart

When I was a child, I was here at the playground. Such a long time I haven’t been there. Some time ago I accidentally drove past and saw the 100 year old charming building with its blue shutters. I knew I wanted to spend an evening here again. Finally I managed to visit the beergarden. When I saw the beautiful house close, this touched not only my Bavarian heart, but also my photographer’s heart. Obviously this place has already inspired other creatives: Once an artist lived here.

Wirtshaus am Hart Munich
Historic Wirtshaus am Hart

Wirtshaus am Hart not only has a beer garden, but also a cabaret. Here well-known comedians perform. I appreciate the fact that organic beer is served, if desired also mixed with lemonade (“Radler”). This is rare at traditional venues in Munich.

Menu Wirtshaus am Hart

5. Wirtshaus am Bavariapark

This lesser-known beergarden has become one of my favorites this year. The “Obazda” tastes very good here. It’s particularly nice here around noon.The chestnut trees are extra high and generally the suroundings are very idyllic. The beergarden is located in a conservation area. The park is popular with the residents. People love sitting on the meadows, which contributes to a nice flair. Thus, I recommend going for a walk is you visit this place. It will feel like a wood walk. Typically Munich.

Nature reserve around the beergarden
Nature reserve around the beergarden
Bavariapark Munich
Beautiful Bavariapark
Thank you and see you again
Thank you and see you again.

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  1. Loved this. I love beer and it’s always better to read the local’s guide to a place. These gardens look so cute!

    1. Ricarda Christina Hollweg

      Thanks very much for your lovely comment, Karen 🙂

  2. Love finding things off the beaten path, can’t wait to visit Munich one day and check some of these out!

    1. Ricarda Christina Hollweg

      Thank you for your wonderful comment, Emily. In Munich you can find a lot of hidden gems. I’ve been feeling like a traveller in my own city for years now.

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