Dollhouse and Industrial: Tour through Korea’s Cafes

Dollhouse and Industrial: Tour through Korea’s Cafes

South Korea is a country, where you can experience ancient traditions as well as the latest trends. What all Korean big cities have in common, is a hip and arty cafe culture. We were impressed by the sheer number of great cafes. During our 14 days-stay in the country we spent a lot of time visiting one cafe after another. By doing so we enjoyed awesome interior design and appealing pastry and cakes. Let me take you to modern and urban Korea. Get inspired.

Industrial Design

Bare brick or concrete walls, pipes and tin lamps…when visiting some cafes you might think you are in Brooklyn in New York City. These cafes and restaurants are not limited to metropolitan areas. We also found them for example in moderately big Jeju City on the same called island south of Korea. There I found my very favorite cafe, “A Factory Bakery”, where pastry was made freshly in the shop. A treat for the eyes and the taste buds.

A Factory Bakery, Jeju City
A Factory Bakery, Jeju City

Themed Cafes

We already knew cat cafes from Munich and Ljubljana. In Seoul there are many more themed cafes with animals, for example sheep or puppies.

Except for real animals, visitors also come for soft toys in the various shops of Line & Friends in Seoul. Share your table with cuddly rabbits or enjoy the cute teddy Brown in a tasty Macaron version.

Chatting at Line Friends Store Seoul
Making new friends around the world

After this, you can wait for the bus back together with your new big friends.

Waiting for the bus at Lines Store Seoul
Waiting for the Bus in Seoul

The Hello Kitty Café was a total new experience for us. Generally I do not support the pink girly culture, which turns girls into harmless little princesses. I really could not imagine becoming so close friends with Hello Kitty that I wanted to visit her at her place. But the cafe looked so special, even from the outside (like a doll’s house). So I was very curious. What’s more, I sometines like doing things, which do not belong to my usual bunch of habits. This spices up life. It was worth the try, because strolling through Hello Kitty’s house and her rooms was fun. “Maison Kitty” revealed interesting details in every corner.

Hello Kitty's Dollhouse Seoul
Hello Kitty’s Dollhouse

Besides, the “Hello Kitty Cake” was delicate.

Hello Kitty Cake
Sweet Hello Kitty

French Bakeries

I saw these chain stores and their staffs equipped with French-style striped shirts and Breton caps also in China, Japan and Singapore. Obviously, there seems to be a hype about French bakeries in Asia. I can identify with this. What is more delicious than a breakfast with fresh croissants or pain au chocolat? After entering a French Bakery you just grab a pair of pliers and a tray. Then you can start preying the yummie pastry.

Selection in a French Bakery Korea
Spoiled for choice

Wonderful Cake

Traditionally, there are not desserts in Korea. The more popular are dessert cafes with sumptuous layer cakes today. I was impressed by their creativity creating the wonderful sweet temptation.

Cake selection in South Korea
Cake Selection

On Halloween I could particularly feel the obsession: Cakes with pumpkins, cakes with ghosts, cakes with spider webs, cakes with….Everything scary you can imagine.

The tables of the cafes offer sometimes a glimpse into the cake manufacture.

Especially when visiting Seoul you should not miss to  discover some different cafes. It will be great fun and inspire you a lot. If you want to discover Seoul and Korea with all its details I recommend you this insider blog of a fellow travel blogger, who lives there.

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Hpister Cafes in Korea

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