Finally a Travel Blog: Welcome to Hiddentraces

Finally a Travel Blog: Welcome to Hiddentraces

Travel Blog in mind for too long

It’s been a long time I’ve been thinking about a travel blog. And it’s been a long time I’ve been putting it off. I am full of stories, adventures and photos. I’ve been to 46 countries so far and it’s about time to stop talking about a blog and just start.I used to say I will start once I’ll be less busy at my job. But workload is not decreasing at all.

I’ve spent some time organising my travel photos always saying: I will start as soon as they are all organised. But the content is growing and growing because I’ve never stopped travelling and don’t plan to do so.

I’ve been thinking for one and a half year now what story to start with and it’s a total waste of time. So how can you write about living your dreams when you even can’t live your own.

Starting a Travel Blog instead of perfectionism

So forget about the perfect blog name, the perfect layout or the perfect story. Once you start, creative energy will follow and you can improve posts, design or whatever later.

“Hiddentraces – Photographic Journeys” willl tell you about the undiscovered places of this world. My goal is that you want to explore more intensly, perhaps even in your own environment. Beautiful places can be found everywhere and sometimes even where you do not expect it. Since I like to eat well and love beautiful cafes,  Hiddentraces will sometimes also be a bit of a food or lifestyle blog. The focus, however, will be a travel blog with aesthetic and inspiring photography. In addition to this blog you will find many photos of my travels on Pinterest as well as on Flickr. Here are some albums and / or boards sorted by countries, places and topics.

Enough said. Welcome to join my passion for exploring this world and sharing its beauty with photography and stories.

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