Favorite places in the World

Favorite places in the World

Lately I’ve been asked which places in the world I like most after all this travel. I think you cannot compare an idyllic beach with a megacity. You also cannot compare a modern megacity with a historic small town. So the answer will require some clustering. Here we go:

Favorite Big City: Kuala Lumpur

I madly love Asia. I would need to write an own article to explain this love story. For me Kuala Lumpur is the epitome of an Asian big city. It’s very colorful and very dynamic. The cultural mix of Malay, Chinese and Indian people make it even more colorful. It’s a city I would definitely want to live in. See its colors and modernity:

Kuala Lumpur klein_1200Petronas klein_1200

Favorite Beach: “No Name” in Vietnam

I can’t tell you its name and this must be one of the reasons of the nomination. I saw it in Vietnam from a boat. It belongs to one of the small islands south of Phu Quoc island. It feels remote and it’s surrounded by corals and colorful tropical fish. See its beauty:

Dream beach in Vietnam

Favorite small town: Rothenburg ob der Tauber

As one of the Romantic Road highlights Rothenburg is getting busy with tourists in summer. And this for a reason. It’s one of the best preserved medieval towns in Europe. In summer you can chill in various street cafes next to fountains decorated with flowers. Stay overnight, stroll quiet moonlit streets and breath history. Have a look:

Street and medieval tower in Rothenburg Medieval skyline of Rothenburg

Favorite Landscape: Tibet

Tibet has it all: The world’s tallest mountains and a huge desert. It was my big dream to go there and in 2014 I finally stepped on the Tibetan Everest National Park. Tibet is not only an “not from this world”-landscape but also packed with culture and huge herds of interesting animals like yaks. Have a look at these incredible blue lakes…If your are intersted in Tibet I recommend you the article on my journey across the Himalaya.

Riding a Yak at Yamdrok Tso Lake

Favorite Country: Oman

I’ve been dreaming about 1001 nights places from childhood on. I visited a lot of these places from Morocco to India since then. But there was no place which deserves the 1001 nights label like Oman. I recommend getting lost in Muscat’s souq as much as I recommend hiking a palm fringed Wadi (river valley). People are warm and helpful. Enough reasons to love this Country.

Village Misfat Al-Abriyeen in Oman

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