Accomodation Highlights

Accomodation Highlights

The decision of accomodation for a trip is a very personal one. Once there was a clear cut between backpackers and tourists. Travel (when you’re very young) and Tourism (when you’re settled in adult life.) Hostels and hotels. Luckily the travel world is more colorful and flexible now and Air BnB is only a symptom of a new society embracing mobility. We are spolit for choice now.

Find below some aspects I appreciate about accomodation:

  • I like to part of local life. Small guesthouses, AirbnBs or homestays are the locations of choice.
  • I like charming places: houseboat hotels, historic houses, creative environments…to be continued. You know what I mean.
  • In a big, bustling city a garden or peaceful roof terrace is helpful to relax from sightseeing and crowds. Here is an example in my favorite city, Kuala Lumpur:

Guesthouse terrace in Kuala Lumpur

  • Whenever the evening flair or nightlife holds a large share of a city’s attractivity, I prefer being centrally located. Think of Asia’s street markets by night…
  • Apart from that there are cities with idyllic places like beaches, mountain villages or similar opportunities nearby. As a result you can combine your trip with an outdoor experience and feel more relaxed. This was the place I stayed  when visiting Davos:

Hut in the Swiss Prättigau

Here a list of more accomodation highlinghts during my travels:

  • Wooden townhouse hostel in Japan
  • Colorfully decorated Guesthouse in traditional design in Istanbul with view on the Bosporus
  • Motel in the countyside in Malaysia.
    Surrounded by a nice local family and flowers:

Motel toom with garden in Langkawi Orchid in Langkawi

  • Guesthouse at a quiet beach on the Maldives

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