My camera loves: Piran (Slovenia)

My camera loves: Piran (Slovenia)

With “Loves My Camera” I’m starting a new series. Under this motto, I introduce you to places that are particularly picturesque and deliver beautiful photo opportunities. The first photographic journey of the series goes to the very “photogenic” Piran on the Slovenian Mediterranean coast.

Here I landed by chance. So far, I had only known the name passing by on the way to Croatian Istria. My husband and I were in the Slovenian capital Ljubljana and wanted to go hiking in the Julian Alps. Since it was cloudy, we spontaneously decided to do a trip to the Slovenian Mediterranean coast, where the weather was nice. Slovenian Istria is generally beautiful, but Piran has particularly impressed me. So I would like to spend several days there once.

Which details are especially beautiful in Piran? And why is it worth a photo tour?

1. Beautiful setting in the hills of Istria

Piran is picturesquely surrounded by green hills. Wine and olive trees grow here. Driving  from Ljubljana towards the cost  is particularly impressive, because suddenly you come from Central Europe to the Mediterranean world. Framed by this landscape you can shoot great panoramic photos straight from the top of the town (the old town is steep).

View on Piran
View on Piran
Beach of Piran
Beach of Piran

2. The wonderful Old Town of Piran

What I liked most about Piran, was the mix of narrow and steep alleys and the opportunity of bathing around the old town.

Bathing in the Old Town
Bathing in the Old Town

The people relaxed on old stones by the water and jumped into the Adriatic Sea from everywhere. Nevertheless, Piran has no sea resort flair, but charming cobbled lanes and Venetian architecture. For me, an irresistible mixture.

3. Fantastic Food

We had fantastic food there. In the old town there is an authentic wine bar. Next door there is a restaurant where you can grab fresh seafood dishes from a window. You can enjoy it then in the charming wine bar. The dry localwine, Malvazija from Istria, tasted wonderful. Also the food. Slovenia is famous for very good seafood for a reason. The food and atmosphere inspired me from a photgrapher’s perspectice:

Wine bar in Piran
Wine Bar
Seafood in Piran
Fresh Seafood
Grapes in Piran

4. The Bell Tower of Piran

The bell tower of makes a nice photo no matter from where it’s taken. It’s very nice  framed by the pastel-colored houses, which are partly Venetian architecture. But it’s also very impressive, when you stand in front of it at the highest point of the town.

Bell Tower of Piran
Bell Tower

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