LIEBSTER Award and personal answers

LIEBSTER Award and personal answers

Happy about the LIEBSTER Award

Hiddentraces has been online only since the end of April. The more I am pleased that my blog was nominated for the LIEBSTER Award by “LE MIE FOTO” (English: My photos). Thank you, I was very happy and enjoy creating a pretty different kind of blog post this time.

I love the quality photography of “Le Mie Foto” with a focus on Italy. Due to my passion for both I feel connected with it.

In order to remain true to my style and my passion for photography, I also integrated some photos here which fit the subjects.

Questions of LIEBSTER Award to Hiddentraces:

Why did you start blogging and which goals are you persueing?

This is a story of “everything inserts itself perfectly together” which I observed in my life often: I’ve been loving travel all my life. Since about ten years I’ve been travelling a lot. Meanwhile, I’ve been to 54 countries. So I have a lot of stories to tell and an archive of many thousands of photos.

Our friends showed a lot of interest in travel stories and slideshows. Additionally, I discovered photography as a creative hobby for me. I had set up a blog several years ago for the first time, just out of curiosity. A few years later another one in order to write something for my friends and family.

I’ve been working with digital media for years. Also I’ve been writing text- and photo-based micro-blog posts on my travels for some time (Twitter, Instagram, etc.). What is more, I have professional experiences with text and image editing, online media and digital marketing.

It all adds up to my travel blog, which makes me very happy.

Under the motto “Photographic Journeys” I want to motivate my readers to discover the world by sharing aesthetic images and my written experiences. It’s important to me that my readers take pleasure in viewing them.

You certainly read blogs of different subjects. What blog topics are you particularly interested in?

Currently I am reading of course a lot about blogging and blog marketing. I also like to read about time management, productivity, minimalism, yoga, meditation and vegan food.

Imagine you would have a wish with regard to your blog readers. What would you wish from them and why?

My blog readers are very nice and give me friendly and honest feedback, which I find very valuable.Therefore, I have no further wishes.

What is your biggest weakness?

I tend to multitask. That’s why I have to catch me again and again. Sometimes I succed to focus on one task, sometimes I don’t.

Imagine you could just leave tomorrow to a destination of your choice for four days. You would have a budget of 1,000 EUROS for the duration of the stay. Where would you go to and what things would you like to see and do?

I would fly to the South Pacific, hire a guide from the money and fly to remote atolls via airplane for photography.

At the beach on the Maldives
In love with the tropics

What is your biggest wish?

To have time for Slow Travel with my husband.

Chris and Ricarda in Nepal
Chris and Ricarda in Nepal

Summer or winter?

Although I have just rediscovered skiing and find it fantastic… I’ve turned into a person who loves summer. I love being outside and the relaxed atmosphere of places where it’s warm. Snow is beautiful, but I cannot handle cold winds.

Loving the summer feeling in Italy
Loving the summer feeling in Italy

Which book did you read recently?

An e-book for amitious bloggers.

What’s the meaning of bad experiences on travel?

An opportunity to develop one’s character. You learn to manage crisis, to stay calm and to trust in yourself and your abilities. It’s also a possibility to know and your travel companions better, depending on the reactions to the bad experiences.

If you could make an important decision inyour life undone – what would it be and why would  decide otherwise today?

In short: nothing. I am happy with all the decisions in my life. It made me the person I am today. I feel blessed and grateful for all the experiences on the basis of certain decisions. I don’t want to be another person than I am today.

For which purpose would you immediately drop everything and leave all behind?

I would not leave my close ones and my projects behind on short notice, if I have given my commitment. Reliability and clear decisions are important to me. Always to be on the go, if there arise any better opportunities, is not evidence of a goof character.

Now I’m happy to nominate the follwing wonderful bloggers for the LIEBSTER Award:

Nico from Nicolos travel blog – a great blog with a collection of inspiring reports on various destinations in Europe.

Sabrina from Let’s Find Tiggy, She takes exciting journeys with their kids, for example to Morocco. Very cool and important for our society, in which many think you have to stay at home once you have children.

Annika from  Kroatien-Liebe (English: Love of Croatia) –  a specialized Blog with helpful expert know-how for all those, who already love Croatia or are interested in it.

Here are my questions for my fellow bloggers with regard to the LIEBSTER Award:

  • How long have you been blogging and what development can you see since the beginning?
  • What has been your greatest success in blogging so far?
  • What was the most frustrating experience in your career as a blogger?
  • What destination has the best food?
  • If money would be irrelevant – how would you want to live? In a villa in the countryside? Located in a lively district, as a nomad – or something else?
  • Asia or South America?
  • Coffee or tea?
  • How many hours do you work on your blog per week?
  • Is there a blog or other media (books, magazines…) that have motivated you to create your your blog? If so, which one?
  • Is there a blogger you admire?
  • Do you invest money in your blog?
  • What makes your blog special?

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