Video at the Monopteros and thoughts about fall

Video at the Monopteros and thoughts about fall

The weather has become cold in Germany. Before, we enjoyed sunbathing in Mauritius this September and had a look at Mediterranean plants in the south-west of England at the end of October / beginning of November. Ans now we have arrived back home in the grey and cold late fall. This was just a shock and a huge change for me. When we recorded the video at the Monopteros in the English Garden in Munich, it was especially uncomfortable outside. It was raining cats and dogs and there was even a storm later on that day.

Appointment with the blogger “Deutschlandjäger” for an interview

Lately, I had planned a meeting with Jan from the blog Deutschlandjäger (“Germany chaser” in English)  to produce a video together. As the name of his blog says, Jan chases destinations in Germany. He aims to motivate people living there to travel within their own country and discover more of it. Since I also like writing about destinations in Germany and particularly about places nearby, Jan wanted to ask me about my favorite spots in my city Munich and in Germany. We had originally planned to record the video at the picturesque lake Kleinhesseloher See in the English Garden. But due to bad weather we had to find an alternative.

With Jan from Deutschlandjäger on the Monopteros
With Jan from Deutschlandjäger on the Monopteros; Copy right: Jan Jordan

Video recording in the Monopteros / English Garden

I came up with the idea to go to the Monopteros in the English Garden instead. The Monopteros is a small round temple in antique style on a hill built in the classicist era. Here we were protected and would have had a great view over the flat Munich “skyline”  – if the weather had not been so grey. Nevertheless, it was fun to record here and given the rainy weather, we had the advantage that the English Garden and the Monopteros were not crowded.

Why fall can be a blessing

I really liked the way from the subway station Münchner Freiheit to the Monopteros. Here we walked under old trees with still a lot of colorful autumn leaves. The English Garden is an outdoor paradise in the city, at least if you somehow manage to avoid the the crowds. On weekends it is often too crowded. But it’s much different if it rains. In times when it’s less visited, the English Garden can really feel like pure nature. A walk under the tall trees does not make you feel like you’re in a big city.

After the video recording, I felt quite cold. I cuddled up in bed and lit many candles. If you don’t feel always warm and comfortable in the cold season, you can suddenly appreciate warmth quite differently. I’m a big fan of new Scandinavian lifestyle concepts like Hygge from Denmark or Lagom from Sweden. The concepts help me to appreciate the small things and bring cozy moments into my life. So I enjoyed Hygge very much after the interview. As there was an incredible storm outside, the candlelight was all the more pleasant. I’m learning to appreciate fall, because it offers clear advantages: Outdoor experiences without crowds and, above all, lots and lots of cosiness at home. This is also good for a travel blogger.

Here is the video we recorded last Sunday (switch on subtitles for English!):

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