Franconian Switzerland: Heavenly short trip

Franconian Switzerland: Heavenly short trip

I was happy when I discovered WellSpaPortal’s blog parade “Ausflugsziele für’s Wochenende” (English: Excursions for the weekend). On weekends we actually are always on the road (unless we meet friends or family), because we like to experience new things or visit places that we love. We are quite blessed with excursion possibilities in Munich. However, most of the inhabitants of this city drive south towards the Alps. In my article you can read, why an excursion to Franconian Switzerland in the North of Bavaria is also worthwhile.

How I discovered Franconian Switzerland for myself

I love to discover hidden gems and enjoy sharing them with the world. For this purpose I have created a large folder structure on my computer where I note down all possible destinations that arouse my interest on the Internet or by talking with others. I discovered Franconian Switzerland and the rock village Tüchersfeld by chance on a Pinterest pin,  immediately knowing that I had to go there, because of this magnificent photo scene (rocks and half-timbered houses). I wrote down the name of the village in my Bavaria excursion folder, but then didn’t look in for a long time. After some time I recogniced the rock village somewhere on social media. Suddenly a excursion plan became concrete. It was a good thing that we wanted to visit our friends in Franconia, whom we had met during our community trekking in Nepal. So before the meeting, we planned an excursion to Tüchersfeld in Upper Franconia. Since we were so enthusiastic about this region, we went there again a few days later, this time to another corner. We went on a hike in the dreamy Leinleitertal valley.

rocks and half timberes houses in Tüchersfeld Franconian Switzerland
Tüchersfeld: Photo scene of my dreams

Around Tüchersfeld

The section around Pottenstein, between Pegnitz and Tüchersfeld is particularly beautiful for road trips. Here you can drive through an impressive rock scenery. Some things in the area reminded me of the Altmühl valley in Lower Bavaria, which we like to visit from time to time. An idyllic feeling already arose when I saw flower vendors at the roadside. The end of spring was an ideal time for the region, because there is a lot of fruit grown in Franconian Switzerland and everything flourished. In Tüchersfeld I wanted to find the photo scene of the Pinterest pin that motivated me to visit the place. But before that we  wanted to go at least for a walk. Due to the invitation by our Friends to the Nuremberg area we had no time to hike extensively. While walking, the blooming trees, embedded in lush green meadows, showed themselves in their full splendor. We saw many hikers around Tüchersfeld. The village is small and you can walk through it quickly. Nevertheless, the photo scene with rocks and half-timbered houses fully met my expectations. What a dream place… Franconia is generally a wonderful destination to admire half-timbered houses. But that scenery in Tüchersfeld is very special and is definitely a highlight for me in this region of Bavaria.

Hiking in the enchanting Leinleitertal valley

The Leinleiter is a small river in Franconian Switzerland. It is surrounded by a beautiful green valley that seems to call: “Go hiking here!”. Our short hike took us along the river from Veilbronn to the idyllic village of Unterleinleiter. It is a short and easy path, which takes about an hour one way. The paths are so comfortable that you could also walk there with a pram. I had such thoughts because of my pregnancy and this is also the reason why we chose an easy way. There is also a cycle path there. Again and again we passed small springs, which give the Leinleitertal a special charm. Some blooming cherry trees rounded off the 1st May feeling (the date of the excursion, by the way). At the end we visited the “Schulmühle”, an old mill. The beautifully restored historic half-timbered house with the water wheel and natural garden around it must have come from a fairy tale book.

Upper Franconia: Full of Hidden Gems

I am really impressed by the secret treasures Upper Franconia offers. This impression was confirmed once again on another weekend trip to the Coburg – Bamberg – Bad Staffelstein region. A day trip from Munich is quite possible, but I have to say that picturesque country inns in half-timbered houses also invite you to stay at least one night. By the way, it is very worthwhile to make at least one stop in the town of Forchheim and take a short walk. Forchheim has beautiful, old half-timbered houses, partly crooked. After our hike in the Leinleitertal in Forchheim we enjoyed a delicious ice cream and relaxed strolled through the town, admiring not only the romantic houses but also the delightful canals. Forchheim surprised us positively, as did the entire region.

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Transparency: The naming of destinations is based on my voluntary decision. We paid for the costs of our trips completely ourselves.

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Heavenly Franconian Switzerland Germany


8 thoughts on “Franconian Switzerland: Heavenly short trip

  1. It looks like a fairytale – I especially love your shots of Leinleitertal Valley. Definitely adding this spots to my travel list when I hit up Switzerland!

    1. Ricarda Christina Hollweg

      Yes, this was definitely one of the best parts. Happy you are motivated to go, but keep in mind: “Franconian Switzerland” is a part of Germany, not Switzerland. 🙂

  2. Switzerland is such a heavenly destination. And franconian looks so amazing. I liked your idea of maintaining a folder of places. Probably I will also start doin it.

    1. Ricarda Christina Hollweg

      Hi Madhu, Happy you like the folder approach. I keep changing the style because I don’t want to look each blog post to look the same. Franconia is a part of Germany, not Switzerland, but I know it’s really easy to get confused. 🙂

  3. So beautiful! I’d love to explore more of Bavaria and this looks delightfully unspoilt. Any suggestions on whatere would be a good place to stay if we were driving through this area?

    1. Ricarda Christina Hollweg

      Hi Alice, Bavaria has many unspoiled places. Mass tourism is mainly in the south and in some famous Franconian cities and towns. Maybe think about staying in Forchheim. It’ s a pretty town nearby without many tourists.

    1. Ricarda Christina Hollweg

      Thank you, great you like it! Cheers, Ricarda

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