Favorite Song: Top 5 of a Travel Blogger

Favorite Song: Top 5 of a Travel Blogger

I am happy to participate in the blog parade of my dear friend Sascha from
Blog in Orange. Sascha asked for personal Top 5 songs, regardless of what one treats a topic as blogger.

For my travel blog I look for unknown beautiful and / or interesting places and talk about them via photography and text. I also like to discover known targets deeper. Therefore my love for Road Trips surprises presumably no one.

Since I do not drive a car, I experience this from a car pessenger’s perspective only. The more I am able to enjoy the music. A favorite song makes me think of wind sweeping through my hair on a  road off the beaten track, for example in the mountains. Here I feel a sense of freedom that cities could provide – despite my love for them. Or I might think of  wind in the hair on the back of a galloping horse. Whether by car, on a horse or just in your style – Perhaps you would like to be inspired for your next “Epic Trip”:

Favorite Song No. 1:
Where the streets have no name

When I think of this beautiful song, I can’t help smiling. Because when my husband and I are traveling by car, our GPS shows often the “Street With No Name” and each time we have to laugh about it.

Favrite song in the car
Street with no Name

I love U2 and this a wonderful classic of this brilliant band.. A concert of them is on my list.

Nr. 2.:
Ronan Keating: Iris

Why is this romantic track a personal travel song? It’s because of the video. Galloping on the beach in the United Arab Emirates? Yes, please

No. 2:
James Blunt Bonfire Heart

This song is for me about roadtrip to the fullest. This is not only because of the text, but also of the video. In addition, it’s a pro- minimalism Song ( “People like us don*t need much …) I can identify with this song for various reasons.

No. 3:
America: Horse with No Name

I discovered this as a favorite song when watching the travellers’ movie “Marrakech”. The song appears in the movie when Kate Winslet goes to his Guru to Algiers. On the back of a pick-up. Big freedom. I never get those images out of my head. When Marrakech was in cinemas, I have not yet gone on long distance journeys. But the song combined with
these images has intensified the desire of doing so.


5. Sting ft Cheb Mami: Desert Rose

It’s the song of this list, which is the most important to me: When I started with extensive travel about ten years ago, I was attracted to the desert magically. Therefore I first traveled to North Africa. I went to Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco. I especially enjoyed riding Arabian horses deeply in the desert. These are beautiful and important memories and they live in this beautiful song. Sting is a brilliant artist. I also like his yoga lifestyle. At our wedding we danced to a song of Sting, because Chris and I appreciate him the same. Also a hot favorite for the next concert.


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3 thoughts on “Favorite Song: Top 5 of a Travel Blogger

  1. I recently wrote a list with 50 travel songs, but didn’t include these songs. I totally agree with you that the beach in the video of Ronan Keating looks amazing! And indeed, the song of James Blunt (Bonfire Heart), with the message that people don’t need much also relates to traveling.

    Great list! I will save it!

    1. Ricarda Christina Hollweg

      Thank you so much for commenting, dear Daphne! I’m happy I could give some inspiration.

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