Picturesque lagoon island Burano: a photo walk

Picturesque lagoon island Burano: a photo walk

Burano has been my place of longing for a certain time. I’ve been dreaming for a while about taking pictures of the contrasting colours. Since the old town of Venice is very crowded in the warm season, I recommend visiting the much quieter, but no less beautiful lagoon islands. In addition, the vaporetto (water bus) to Burano with blue sky and sun is a special treat.

The Burano Experience

The afternoon sun is still warm  and I am passing houses in many different colours along canals. They look best at this time of the day, which as the Golden Hour is one of the best for photography. The pretty buildings are decorated with a lot of flowes I’m walking across many canals. I see kids playing in calm courtyards and some old ladies looking outside the window or chatting in the street. When I see laundry drying in the sun, I get this wonderful feeling: “I have arrived in Southern Europe”. I experience the small island as peaceful, tranquil and inspiring.

Variety of colors at a Burano canal

Lane with colorful laundry in Burano
Drying laundry in Burano

The other Venice

In my opinion Venice is  always worth a visit. And yet it can be exhausting. In any season  a lot is going on around the Rialtobrücke and San Marco and in summer it can get extreme. How nice that you have the opportunity to explore the surrounding islands of the lagoon with the Vaporetto boat. Burano is certainly one of the highlights of the lagoon. A different, maybe better Venice without the stress of the masses.

Contrasts in Burano
Contrasting colors of Burano
Inhabitants of Burano strolling
Local people of Burano

A dream for photography, enjoyment and exploration

Buano might be one of the most picturesque and photogenic places on earth. On my trip  I was very lucky with the weather. Under a perfect blue sky I had the opportunity to explore this idyllic place in depth. And there is a lot to discover like local handicraft or architectural details. No wonder the island attracts lots of  photographers and painters. Also if you are none of this, a walk at the canals, passing many bridges is a wonderful experience.

Bridge and houses of Burano
Picturesque Bridge
Blue window of Burano
Window with flowers

Island Life

Like the old town of Venice Burano has many canals. Apart from its shopping street the stillness of Burano is charming. Also the local people like strolling along the beautiful canals: Even the central plaza of the small Island with a wonderful old church is peaceful. There, only some quiet street music was in the air, which intensified the beautiful atmosphere. To have the full experience, I also recommend exploring the small lanes beyond the canals.

Houses of the main suare of Burano
At the main plaza:
Old house in Burano
Patina in Burano

Find below more photos of my walk in Burano (just click to enlarge):

8 thoughts on “Picturesque lagoon island Burano: a photo walk

  1. Beautiful photos 🙂 I loved my visit to Burano, it really is a photographers dream! Did you also visit Murano too?

    1. Ricarda Christina Hollweg

      Yes, isn’t it? Happy you liked my photos 🙂 Thank you so much, Kiara.

  2. Burano & Murano are both amazing! The colours in your photos are unreal! I actually haven’t visited Burano yet, but definitely will on my next trip to Venice!

    1. Ricarda Christina Hollweg

      Thanks for your comment, Eulanda! You won’t regret if you plan a visit.

  3. So much color! Lovely pictures you have here. I guess afternoon is a bad time for taking such pictures, since light is flat. What time were these taken?

    1. Ricarda Christina Hollweg

      Thank you so much, Punita! I took them in the afternoon.

  4. So beautiful! I love when places love color, just brings such a smile to my face! Is this a day trip from Venice or just a few hours in the afternoon kind of place?

    1. Ricarda Christina Hollweg

      Thanks very much, Jessica! It’s close from Venice. Few hours is enough for a visit. But I think it must be amazing to stay the night there.

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