My first BarCamp (for Travel Bloggers)

My first BarCamp (for Travel Bloggers)

I’ve arrived in Berlin. Not only the first Travel Blogger BarCamp in Germany awaits, but also my first BarCamp in general. When thinking of a BarCamp I imagine an inspiring event with Social Media savvy People. But the participants also share more meaningul passions with me: Travelling and storytelling about it – with text and pictures

Berlin is the ideal place for it. It’s the center of creative digital innovation. The city is and endless inspiration inspiration to me. So this is my favorite city in Germany…

Lots of theory was written about BarCamps. But I prefer telling you how I really experienced it.

So I begin with the

1. Arrival at the Travel Blogger BarCamp:

The welcome couldn’t have been warmer. I arrived late and was so curious about the event location which is also my accomodation. The Hotel “Estrel” is located in Berlin-Neukölln. It’s not only the largest hotel in Germany, but also the largest event hotel in Europe. Apart from trade fairs and conferences the hotel hosts large entertainment shows in Berlin….Limitless cultural events. In only know the conference room from brochures and from the Internet so far. I hope I will see it…Due to my late arrival in Berlin I unfortunately couldn’t manage to attend the first get together in the evening before the event. When I arrived at my room (five digit number!) I couldn’t have felt more comfortable.

Warm welcome at hotel room

And the room is really beautiful. There is lots of space, also for blogging. But from tomorow on I won’t see my room much…The more I enjoyed the phantastic views on Berlin’s city lights from one of the upper floors.

My bedroom at RBCamp2016

I’m very excited what the next day will bring.

2. Start

Getting ready:
My Name Tag at RBCamp2016

The sessions (workshops, discussions etc) are so exciting that I haven’t wrote updates for sume time. Some sessions are really crowded…

3. Late afternoon:

Today I visited sessions as follows:

  • Monetarization of travel blogs
  • Digital mirror reflex photography
  • Handling Copyright infringement of picture content
  • Pitching for cooperations with destinations

All Workshops were very exciting. Anyway, I had planned to visit a Workshop on mirror Reflex photography, because photography is my passion.

4. Evening

At the beginning I attended an interesting tour in the event hotel. After that I went to one of the many hotel restaurants together with a group of a other travel Bloggers. The Thai food was excellent.

Thanks to all sponsors for the great Event.



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